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Recently Extended and Refurbished Batheaston Property for Sale

30th August 2019

Total Remodel of dwelling in Batheaston

Architect: Western Building Consultants

Gemma Coe-Tucker RIBA & James Dean  MSc BSc (Hons) MCIAT FCABE C.BuildE

Contractor: Gem Solutions

Kitchens and Cabinetry : Shaker & May


Batheaston’s architecture has really been pushed forward in the last few years, with many contemporary new builds springing up and a resurgence in total remodels of post war architecture. Often detached and sat on generous plots many of the local houses are ripe for redevelopment. If you catch the right property at the right time in its lifecycle it can be amazingly transformed into a beautiful contemporary, yet traditionally proportioned dwelling.

Just take a look at this project constructed by Gem Projects, the rather drab original house has been reimagined, extended and remodelled. The house is now an airy beautiful place to live with a mix of beautiful cedar cladding, contemporary render and grey aluminium windows and roof detailing.

Check out that kitchen!

The local cabinet maker (Workshop in Frome) with a great reputation Shaker and May have created an amazing kitchen space and lots of clever built in storage to boot!

if you have a property you are thinking of remodelling why not contact Western Building Consultants to see how we can make your dream a reality.

From this fixer upper

From this…..

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Kitchen design architects and extension Bristol and Bristol

Beautiful kitchen by Shaker + May Kitchens Frome.

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