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Coronavirus: An Update

19th March 2020

Due to government guidance regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) Western Building Consultants are moving to a work from home policy for all staff by next week, where possible. We have a disaster plan to deal with such an eventuality and much of our work can be done remotely. Phone lines, emails, and work shall continue as per normal and you should not see a drop in service delivery. (If you do experience any difficulties please email me directly so I can investigate.)

Site Visits: Risk Mitigation

For a small number of our surveyors we have assessed the risk of site visits as being extremely low and have put a number of policies in place to help protect our workers such as:

Enhanced workplace cleaning (including cars)
Self isolation if any symptoms are noticed immediately
Distancing from any physical contact
Hand sanitising policy before and after visits
No handshake policy
Glove policy when inspecting properties
Stopping non-essential business travel and networking
Enhanced support to educate employees about the spread of the virus
Reducing the use of public transport (in opposition to our normal policy)
Rotate coats and shoes (72 hour) period

We also ask that you consider the following steps to help ensure the safety of our workers:

If you or any person you live with you are exhibiting any signs of the virus please contact us to rearrange a booking for a later date (more than 14 days later)
Please do not make physical contact with our surveyors
For surveyors carrying out building surveys, we ask that they are left alone to complete their reports without contact
We request that all non-essential inspections, such as final visits, be booked in at a later date
Essential visits can be carried out but can also occasionally be done over Skype (or similar video conferencing technology). Please call to discuss this with the individual surveyor for your project.

New Quotations

New quotations for work can still be carried out in person, we would however suggest that if you are uncomfortable with this a video call could be used to show us the property and any materials such as plans or sketches sent by email. We will also extend the validity of our quotes to give you longer to decide on how to proceed.

We appreciate your efforts to protect our employees and your support for local small businesses during this difficult time. Thank you.

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