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Check out the views from this beautiful HMO in central Bristol.

25th October 2020

Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) Often get a bad wrap, but not all HMOs are born equal, check out this stunning HMO that our specialist HMO architect helped one of our clients achieve planning permission and building regulations compliance for.

Whilst the press like to link HMO ownership with slum landlords and poor housing standards, that is clearly not always the truth.

With expensive rents and costs in areas such as Bristol & Bath HMOs are an important part of ensuring affordable housing supply.

If you are thinking of investing in a HMO in Bristol, Bath, Newport, Cardiff or elsewhere feel free to get in contact as there are strict rules around licensing, planning and additional article 4 directions that must be adhered to.


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How can we help?

As a multidisciplinary practice we can help with the initial RICS building survey before acquisition, often this is followed with a feasibility study with one of our Architects leading to a pre planning application submission.

Our team of architects, technologists, structural engineers and party wall surveyors will then help you deal with all of the compliance aspects such as planning permissions, licence applications and building regulations compliance.

We can also help look at remodelling an existing idling you own time create a higher yield.

As a company we have been helping landlords for over 10 years in the South West optimise their portfolios.

You can find our more about HMO licences in Bristol here.


Fire risk assessments in HMOs

Did you know? Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is a legal requirement for the owner of a HMO to carry out a fire safety risk assessment.

FRAs will identify any safety issues and safety strategies, this will in turn provide required actions for the landlord.

It is an offence not to carry out a fire safety risk assessment and the responsible person may be prosecuted.

If you own a HMO and don’t have a Fire Risk  Assessment please get in contact to receive a quote.


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