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Do you need planning permission?

29th July 2021

We know it can be difficult when it comes to understanding planning permission and how to get it, so we’ve tried to make your life a little easier thanks to our dedicated Planning Permission service at Western Building Consultants.


Do you need planning permission?

Generally speaking, if you’re building something completely new or making a large change to an existing building, you can assume you will need to get planning permission. 

If you want to do work to a listed building, you’ll need listed building consent as it may alter the original appearance of the building itself.

Changing a buildings ‘purpose’ would also require you to get planning permission as well. Whether that be switching a commercial building to residential or vice versa. So don’t hesitate to contact us at Western Building Consultants if you need more information.

How do I apply for planning permission?

When it comes to actually applying for planning permission you’ll need to contact your local council. You can easily check who your local council is through their GOV.UK website here. It can be a lengthy process so make sure you get started early so you don’t get disappointed if building can’t start when you want to. The usual turnaround for planning permission sits at 8 weeks for the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to decide. It’s important to manage expectations as things can get complicated when waiting for approvals.

Just to make you aware, it is illegal to carry out extensive work that hasn’t been through the approval process of planning permission so don’t do anything without consulting your local council.

Here at Western Building Consultants we work on large and extensive projects that have specific and unique requirements, so we are experts in guiding and helping all of our clients. 

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Can I appeal a decision by the LPA?

Yes, you can appeal the LPA’s decision if they reject your planning permission. This might mean you have to go back to your architect and revisit the original plans and design the appropriate changes to your plans to accommodate your local councils restrictions.

We know this can be a disheartening process and it might feel like the process will never end, however, persevere and find the solution that works for you and your needs as well as the LPA’s.

Get in contact with us at Western Building Consultants and we can help guide you through any necessary planning permission queries you might have.


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