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Interior Architecture: what is it? & some of our favourite styles.

13th August 2021

Interior architecture in its most simple form is a mix of interior design and architecture. Interior architecture is about reimagining space while ensuring its functionality. This means an interior architect will need to have the artistry and eye of an interior designer and be able to combine this with the technical knowledge of an architect. Interior architecture means that space will be used in an optimal way, this is especially beneficial for spaces such as restaurants, offices, hotels, and more.


Why hire an interior architect?

If you have a space that needs to be refreshed or improved it may be tempting to undertake this with your own resources. It is important to understand how time consuming and difficult this may end up being. An interior architect from Western Building Consultants will have a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge on how to upgrade your space. We can even create a 3D simulation of plans for your space so you can make sure you are 100% happy with them. An interior architect will also have reliable contacts and resources to get the job done. Collaborating with a trained interior architect is a great way to create a unique space, adding value to your building and increasing the wow factor for anyone who enters

Styles of interior architecture


Minimalism is hugely popular at the moment and looks clean and clutter free. When creating a minimalist space it’s important not to let the room become soulless. 

From an interior architecture point of view the room still needs to be functional, hidden, cleverly designed storage solutions in the room are a great way to keep the minimalist vibe whilst still having access to items you need which may otherwise clutter the space.


A Bohemian space has a lot less structure, and has a personal and relaxed feel. It is still important to plan out your space in order for your area to be usable. Bohemian style originates from the 19th century where many artists, playwrights and other creative types were seeing money as far less important than creativity. The bohemian style in these days was to embrace the unconventional by tossing out general interior design rules and layering many patterns and fabrics that generally wouldn’t be considered together, but still achieve a cosy and unique feel.

When it comes to getting a bohemian style through interior architecture it mixes the traditional personal and eclectic traits of the bohemian style while keeping the space functional and practical.

Art Deco

Art deco is a design style from the 1920s to 1930s and utilises bold geometric shapes. It aims to create a sleek non-traditional elegance to symbolise wealth and sophistication. Art deco did fall out of style around World War II times but has seen a resurgence in the late 1960s and it is still influencing art and design in the 21st century. It is eye-catching and bold and when making a space art deco with an interior architect it allows for centrepiece staircases and stylised windows to bring the room together and can be truly impressive.

Country chic or shabby chic

Country chic, previously better known as shabby chic, is a relaxed style increasing in popularity. It combines standard and vintage pieces and is cost effective style without too many rules and great to organise a space without having to buy loads of new items, as older ones can easily be repurposed. 

An Interior architect can work with you to ensure that your space is fit for purpose while staying true to the aesthetic that you are looking for. 

Get in contact with us at Western Building Consultants and we can help guide you in upgrading your space and create your dream home now.


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