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What is Conservation Architecture?

9th September 2021

Maintaining cultural buildings through conservation architecture is one of the ways we can keep important historical locations in-tact whilst maintaining older and traditional building techniques with updated and safe practices of modern building.

Our experience in conservation architecture is a rich and exciting one, working on various exciting and beautiful projects across the country including Bristol, Bath, Newport, Frome and more.


Why does conservation architecture matter?

If you have or own a space that is grade-two listed or just an old building with original features in general, it may be in your best interest to maintain and upkeep the building’s character. Not only does it retain and/or add value to your space, it preserves the originality and aesthetic it once built. 

Conservation of homes and commercial buildings alike requires incredible knowledge and attention to detail. Here at Western Building Consultants, we utilise our team on the building expertise and knowledge that they have and place the most suited to that project. We understand that not only do we have a duty to our customers, but also the public. 

Conservation is always in the public interest and we all like to see protected buildings and structures stay that way. From the iconic Baths to All Saints Church in Bristol as clear examples of conserved buildings that everyone is invested in. Conservation architects’ main goal is to preserve the cultural significance of buildings.


How can Western Building Consultants help me?

If you’re looking for a carefully planned out extension to a listed building or general advice about conservation architecture, we can help guide you through the processes and let your dream become a reality. On top of that, we are usually able to produce all the required planning documentation in a house including, statements of significance, architectural detailing, design & access statements, schedules of repair and specialist defect reports.

As mentioned previously, we have an educated team here at WBC that can help consult and guide you through any conservation project you want to start. Simply contact us here and we will call you back to get you started on your new conservation project.


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