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What does architecture involve?

2nd November 2021

What does architecture involve?

When it comes to architecture, there are lots of different elements to come together to create something magical. From creating building designs to intricate drawings, working across teams, management and more, there are lots of skills and requirements needed to run a successful project. 

At Western Building Consultants we have an incredible team that have worked on large-scale and small-scale projects.


What is an architect?

The word Architect comes from Ancient Greek which means ‘chief builder’ where much of history had never separated builder from the artist and when paper and pencil became part of the process, involving linear-perspective drawing, where attention to detail and precise calculations became important, the evolution of the architect occurred. 

an image of someone working on architectural drawings on their computer

An image of wall decoration, modernising the home

Creating designs

Architectural processes are about working alongside your client to achieve their desired space. Whether it is a commercial or residential space, it is important that clients are aware of our best practices and high-quality standards that we strive for so they can be confident that we can deliver the project.

Approval and planning

Architects will also be involved in the planning and approval process of a build. A project is built upon local area requirements and/or restrictions and will need to obtain necessary permits and approvals to begin the project. Architects are there every step of the way of a build and this is another crucial element to the success of the project.

an image of the western building consultants group offices.

An image of a modern office, white aspect with many windows

Budget and coordinate

As you can imagine, some projects will vary in budgets and it’s part of the architectures role to maintain these budgets and stick to them. This helps keep client expectations in check and ensures that an architect can exercise their expertise and creativity with set guidelines.

Additionally, it’s important to liaise and work closely with construction workers in order to get the desired design as well as adhering to building regulations. 

Are you interested in a new project that would require one of our fantastic architects? Get in contact with us at Western Building Consultants and we can help guide you through any necessary planning permission queries you might have.


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