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5 Reasons Why You Need An Architect

22nd April 2022

You might be curious to find out why you should be hiring an architect rather than going it alone. In our experience, bringing an architect into the mix is not just a convenience, it is a necessity. If you are planning to carry out a construction project, you might be tempted to take on the work yourself. If not done correctly, this can actually devalue your property and leave you seriously out of pocket.

If you are experiencing even the smallest of doubts, chances are, you need an architect. And here are 5 reasons why…


You need an architect because:


save money

1. Architects Add Value and Reduce Unnecessary Costs 

Hiring an architect can be one of the best investments you make.

From the chosen materials, to the layout and functionality, an architect will work carefully with your budget to make important suggestions that will benefit you long term.

By providing you with the best options at the most reasonable price, they eradicate the need for costly adjustments further down the line.

In addition, an architect is capable of delivering a desirable aesthetic whilst ensuring optimal lighting, insulation, sound and air quality. These factors dramatically improve the overall efficiency of a space and, in turn, increase the market value.



2. Architects Offer Unique Ideas and Smart Suggestions

For an architectural project, you need just the right blend of imagination and practical thinking.

An architect will offer up creative solutions to technical problems in order to create an original space that is both unique and functional.

Perhaps you’re a homeowner looking to transform your living space or a company director wanting to modernise your offices?

Whatever the vision, your architect will inspire you with the endless possibilities on offer. From period property conservation to contemporary, new build dwellings, an architect is never short of ideas.

By going the extra mile, your architect will exceed expectations and deliver a space that you can be truly proud of. The sky really is the limit.



save time

3. Architects Save You Time 

So, you now know how an architect can save you money, but how can they save you time?

Let’s say you want to figure out your expenses. Consider the amount of time it would take you to research all of the costs involved in the process (the survey, the design, the materials, contractor fees). The list is endless.

You could spend ages scouring the web for suggestions OR you could save yourself the headache and hire a professional to do the leg work for you.

Remember: the DIY approach is a huge gamble. Even the smallest mistake can result in hours of additional stress.

An architect benefits from having a network of key contacts at their disposal. If they need to move the process along or resolve an issue quickly, they know exactly who to call.



4. Architects Help You to Visualise Your Project

In the initial stages of the project, your architect will bring ideas to life with 3D modelling software.

3d software helps you to imagine the space and allows you to make any design changes or adjustments before physically laying down the bricks and mortar.

Let’s be honest, it’s far easier to remove a wall in a virtual space than it is to do so in reality.

By using specialist design software, your architect can drastically reduce the margin for error by carefully visualising every last detail before the actual work takes place.




5. Architects Offer Extensive Knowledge and Expertise 

When working with an architect, you get instant peace of mind knowing that you’re in the hands of a chartered professional.

Not only have they passed the exams and obtained the certificates to prove their expertise, they are also required to commit to ongoing professional development.

The continuing professional development scheme (CPD) requires architects to keep up to date with best practice whilst also ensuring that they have regular competency checks. Thanks to all this rigorous training, architects are the masters of their crafts.

And, to top it all off, through their experience with planning, legislation, building regulations and contractual agreements, an architect can handle complex negotiations, making your life easier.



By now, you may be wondering why you hadn’t considered an architect sooner? If your priority is high quality design with maximum efficiency and minimal fuss, you need an architect.

At Western Building Consultants, we offer RIBA chartered architects who can deliver a wide range of architectural services to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to update your home or convert a barn into your commercial office premises, we can help.

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