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Top Architecture Trends of 2022

15th June 2022

Western Building Consultants want their clients to be on the forefront of architecture and design. As we move into July 2022, these are the top architecture trends that we see continuing to grow in popularity:

image of a premade home

Premade is the new way to go

It’s more efficient and there is less waste. We are seeing a move away from traditional construction methods to prefabricated methods in both the commercial and residential architecture designs.

The housing crisis is one of the most pressing problems that architectural services have to tackle during these times. By 2021, it became clear how bad things were getting – prices for property had risen exponentially around the world, and there was no sign on when they would calm down. There are also issues surrounding climate change to be considered when it comes to residential zoning, insurance and creating sustainable homes.

A new type of design called the ‘Sustainable City‘ hopes to provide answers by incorporating green technologies into traditional building designs without compromising aesthetics in any way.

Renovation of Existing Buildings

The AEC industry is at the forefront of global carbon emissions and wasted energy, once again, following the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, UK. Building operations contribute approximately 28% annually to worldwide CO2 levels while materials add an additional 11%. Restoration could be seen as an option for residential architects or engineers who wish to minimise their own eco-footprint by turning these structures into something green!

Home Renovation

Smart Home

Smart Homes and Home Automation  

The future of residential architecture is social and sustainable. Home automation, a technology trend that may adopt various shapes from instructing Amazon’s Alexa to turn off lights from an app, which can automate door locks in your home– from just about anywhere! A smart building provides additional convenience for its inhabitants while also lowering utility costs with more environmentally-friendly design features such as solar panels on the rooftops.

Modern residential architecture reflects our need not only to generate but consume ethically; it helps us do so responsibly by decreasing consumption rates across all sectors including energy production.

Technology Trends in Architecture and Design

The construction industry is embracing virtual reality to create more realistic simulations and mixed reality (MR) technology. This technology allows architects to create a better visual representation of their plans. For example, if an architect wants workers on site with equipment such as cranes or diggers during different stages of development. Then these tools can be remotely controlled through extended reality (XR) programs that show how things may look when complete.

This has been especially useful in planning large-scale projects like commercial buildings where there are many smaller tasks that need completing at various times throughout project lifecycles.

architect Plans

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