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Our most dramatic barn conversion in South Gloucestershire ever

22nd June 2022

At Western Building Consultants we are specialists in the conversion of agricultural barns. This particular barn was in South Gloucestershire, near Bristol & Bath.

The barn prior to conversion was severely dilapidated and required total restoration. In conjunction with a local planning consultant we were able to gain planning permission to convert the redundant barn on the farm stead into an annex. The barn was curtilage listed and required sensitive detailing and design to bring it back into usage.

This particular barn was the most dilapidated we have ever got permission to convert. The before and after photos clearly show the vast amount of restoration that was required to make the barn conversion suitable for habitable use. As part of the detailed design Western Building Consultants identified the historical remaining features in the barn, explored the fabric evidence for the previous design and came up with sensitive ways to interestingly convert the barn into a usable space. Such as the use of a glazed conservatory area which sat behind a historic wall enclosure. The roof was detailed to drain the hidden gutter away maintaining the look and feel of the historic courtyard. As with most barn conversions Western were appointed to carry out a structural survey of the barn conversion to assess how the fabric of the building could be maintained.

If you are looking to do a barn conversion in South Gloucestershire or surrounding areas speak to us about a free initial consultation. 

In addition to listed and historic barn conversions we have vast experience in the development of modern barn structures in class q developments.

These planning regulations,  known as ‘Class Q permitted development’ are part of the government’s drive to ease the pressure on rural housing supply.

Class Q does not apply to listed buildings, those in an Area of outstanding national beauty, conservation area which are in AONB, National Parks or conservation areas, or those which are listed.

  • You cannot extend the footprint of the building.
  • Convert existing buildings up to 450sqm.
  • You can install or replace windows, doors, the roof, exterior walls, and services.
  • Allows for partial demolition.
  • You cannot install new foundations.

It is common for applications to be interpreted differently across councils so local knowledge can be key in getting the right decision.

Dilapidated Existing Barn

Dilapidated Existing Barn

Trusses in  Barn Conversion in South Gloucestershire

Front Door Barn Conversion in South Gloucestershire

Front Door Barn Conversion in South Gloucestershire

Externals Barn Conversion in South Gloucestershire

Externals Barn Conversion in South Gloucestershire

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