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Open plan kitchen/diner remodel in Bath green belt.

4th June 2024

Architect: Western Building Consultants

Maria Simone M(Arch), ARB, RIBA

& James Dean  MSc BSc (Hons) MCIAT FCABE C.BuildE AssocRICS MFPWS

Contractor: The Build Design Partnership

Photography: Adam Cluterbuck



Remodelling and extending in the Green Belt


Our amazing client is a repeat customer of WBC Group in a commercial and development setting. They intrusted us to help them deliver a mid century modern inspired extension for their own home in Bath, with alterations to create a balcony taking in the amazing views to the rear of the property.

The project was difficult to achieve planning for, because the property was based in the Green Belt on the edge of Bath. The property had already been extended to its limit the normal planning parameters. The project architect Maria was able to demonstrate (utilising permitted development rights) that the property could be further extended with out full planning. She then managed to convince the planner that she could produce a higher quality design, less impactful to the green belt setting and the planner  agreed. Much to the amazement of some of the surrounding properties that had failed in their attempts to achieve planning historically.

Originally the kitchen was usable, although restrained in size and it didn’t connect well to the outside of the building. The kitchen dining and living space is now an airy beautiful place to live with a mix of beautiful timber cladding, bath and rubble stone. The celestial raised roof and windows provide a feeling of space and elevates the extension from the normal. Slimline grey aluminium windows, doors and roof detailing suit the desired minimalist aesthetic.

Mid-century modern is a design movement made popular in the USA and Europe from the 1930s to 1960s. Influenced by the Modernist movements that preceded it contrasted with the Art Deco movement. It featured clean lines, minimal decoration, a combination of natural and manmade materials, graphic shapes, vibrant colours, and a connection with nature.

The beautifully matched kitchen and space plan ties heavily into the aesthetic and provides an amazing link to garden and the natural environment.

if you have a house you are thinking of remodelling why not contact Western Building Consultants to see how we can make your dream a reality.

Residential Extension and Remodel in Bath Green Belt

Residential extension and remodel in Bath Green Belt


architects extensions and remodelling in the green belt

Architects extensions and remodelling in the Green Belt


Extension Internal remodelling architect designed

Extension internal remodelling architect designed


Kitchen extension internal architectural design in Green Belt

Kitchen extension internal architectural design in Green Belt


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