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Building Control Services

Our sister company Cook & Edwards Ltd have provided consultant services to corporate approved inspectors such as plan checking and site inspections for Building Regulations approvals as Chartered delegated inspectors.

Western Building Consultant’s team can guide your individual project through the process of building control approval, including providing technical specifications and plans. We are skilled in taking conceptual planning drawings provided by other parties such as planning consultants and working them into a technically viable solution. This includes where relevant improving the sustainability of projects and introducing new and innovative technologies and build processes. For example we have integrated specialist building techniques such as ICF, straw bale and SIPS panels to several new build projects.

If you have a project that does not have Building Regulations approval and need strategic advice about how to get it signed off we can advise you on the best way to tackle the application and provide any specific evidence such as structural calculations, drawings or U-value calculations to demonstrate compliance. Often the lack of approvals only come to light when a house is put up for sale or a complaint is made by neighbours, at Western we have dedicated professionals that have vast experience of both the private and public sector building control environment and will help to evaluate what your local council will require to sign the project off.

If you wish to find out if your project requires Building Regulations Approval please contact our offices on 01225789307.

What happens when I use an approved inspector ?

Once your agent (western building consultants) submits an application to an approved inspector, the Approved Inspector is required to submit an Initial Notice to the Local Authority, to check the details and register the work there for future property searches. They require 5 working days for this during which building work should not start on site (otherwise the Notice will be void)

Processing The Initial Notice

Once sent to the council, the Local Authority should check the details of our Initial Notice within 5 working days – the LA can reject the notice if the details are found to be incorrect. If there are no objections to the IN format within this time works can then commence on site.

If your agent requests a plan check letter the plans and details provided will be checked and accepted to comply with the Building Regulations. Where they may request amendments or consultations with other professionals such as engineers or fire safety experts.

Commercial Work

The AI usually has to consult the the Fire Authority regarding commercial properties and where flats have communal areas.

Water Consultantions

Your Approved Inspector should consult the Sewerage Undertaker, to ensure that there are no public sewers in the vicinity (usually within 3m). For this reason a location plan (at a scale not less than 1:1250) needs to be provided, the application for Building regulations approval cannot be processed without the location plan showing the proposed construction; new buildings also need to also show the proposed connections to sewers on the location plan.


The developer, client or builder should notify the approved inspector directly at the relevant stages of building work so that inspections can be made (including- notifications for commencement, foundations, drains, damp proof courses, etc).


Once finalised to the satisfaction of your Approved Inspector, they will issue a Final Certificate to the Local Authority for their records, it is important to note that for this to occur all documents proving compliance needs to be in order. This includes electric certificates, Gas Safe Certificates, Air Pressure Test, Fan Test, Drain Tests & Acoustic Tests etc.

Western Building Consultants can be appointed to administer the application procedure with your chosen approved inspector and take out some of the hassle of applying and complying. Call 01225 789307 now for a quotation.

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