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What is an Employer’s Agent?

The RICS best practice note defines:

“The agent’s role is relatively straightforward, however: they act on behalf of the employer in all matters, unless the employer states expressly in writing to the contractor that they would like to act for themselves, or to appoint others to act for them on certain aspects of the contract.”

This is common practice in a design & build contract such as the JCT Design & Build Contract 2016, by employing Western Building Consultants to act as your employers agent you can be certain that a professional surveying practice will be there to help ensure your project’s success.

What does an employer’s agent actually do?

The role can be quite varied and can often include pre-contract advice, the RICS however defines this as project management or administration services, the role of employers agent strictly speaking is involved with the post contract services such as:

  • Chair and minute site meetings
  • Review the Contractor’s detailed design throughout the contract
  • Carry out quality control inspections
  • Provide cost control services
  • Issue any certification required under the JCT contract.


Why do I need an employer’s agent?

Design and build contracts are becoming very popular in the construction industry due to the desire from employers and their financiers for cost certainty. When you pass the design of a project over to a contractor you need to ensure your requirements are properly defined and included in the Employers Requirements documentation. Western Building Consultants not only help you develop these but ensure that the contractor delivers on the project to the appropriate performance standards for time cost and quality.

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