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Energy Assessments & Site Testing in Bristol

Western Building Consultants & Energise Energy Assessors #1 for Energy Assessments and Sustainability Reports in Bristol

Planning Energy Strategies and Sustainability Reports for BANES and Bristol City Council

SAP/EPC Assessment, Energy Performance Certificates, Air Testing, Sound Testing and Sustainability Reports, Bespoke Compliance Report, Stock Condition Surveys, Infrared Testing

More than just an energy assessor, Energise Energy Assessors in Bristol partner with Western Building Consultants to provide complete energy assessments, advice, site testing, sustainability reports for planning and building regulations compliance reports and much more.

Sustainability is at the forefront of building design, planning departments including BANES & Bristol City Council have decided to improve new buildings by imposing strict energy quotas that go beyond Building regulations compliance, many new dwellings, commercial buildings or conversions require complex energy calculations and energy strategies to even be granted planning permission.

Western Building Consultants & Energise Energy Assessors through their hub office in Bristol can provide SAP, SBEM & U-value calculations.


Stock Condition Surveys

Western Building Consultants have also carried out large scale stock condition surveys including R&D development of surveying tools to meet individual client briefs. We have partnered in the past with firms to tender for local authority and educational stock condition surveys that require an element of building fabric expertise and energy efficiency improvements. One such example is where WBC partnered with VERCO energy management and carried out a stock condition survey of most of BANES educational buildings, to establish and measure where energy efficiency improvements could be made.


Infrared Surveys

We arrange specialist InfraRed surveys where required these are useful when detecting damp ingress issues with large flat roofs. A thermographic survey is an effective method of diagnosing flat roof leaks. Surveys are carried out on the roof itself and no intrusive inspection of the roof is required. By looking at the thermal profile of the roof we are able to fully identify the exact cause of the leak.

When roofs suffer a leak it is often spread by capillary action across the roof surface making a visible leak within the building a significant distance from the actual failure of the roof. A IR survey of a flat roof is an extremely effective method of pinpointing the origin of the leak. Often misdiagnosis by contractors can result in costly and unneeded repairs to roofs or even worse the complete replacement off finishes. Our service is a completely independent survey. We do not carry out repair work, meaning you receive independent and sound advice from an RICS regulated company.


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