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Expert Witness Reports in Newport

Expert Witness Reports for Construction Disputes

Multi-Disciplinary Construction Expert Reports

Industry Leading Advice for Construction Disputes from RICS, CIAT, CABE & RIBA professionals.

Expert Witness Reports

Western Building Consultants are a CIAT & RICS regulated company that can give you expert advice surrounding building and construction disputes.

What is an Expert Witness?

Expert witness reports are often required to analyse where a construction project has gone wrong in some way or another. They can often be relied upon in court proceedings to inform the judge about technical matters relating to a claim.

Why Western Building Consultants?

We have an established background in acting for both clients and contractors and are able are able to offer advice to Clients involved in Building disputes. We have in house up to the minute trained professionals from the architecture, surveying, party wall, health and safety and engineering field meaning we can often advise on most disputes.

We are experienced in the preparation of Expert Witness Reports acting as either Single Joint Expert or a Party’s Expert.

We can often help resolve construction disputes before they reach court and have experience representing our clients in arbitration meetings. By giving you a multidisciplinary approach our reports are often more well rounded than expert reports that are generated from a single professional source and in our experience this can help more fairly attribute the issues at hand and help to resolve matters between parties more easily.

What types of dispute might require an Expert Witness report?

  • Construction cost claims and disputes over quality of contractors workmanship
  • Disputes over architectural design adequacy
  • Disputes between homeowners and their contractors
  • Property insurance claims and disputes
  • Party Wall disputes
  • Negligence claims for building surveys
  • Building defects analysis of fault (design Vs contractor)
  • H&S claims related to construction or design

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is anyone who has specialist field of expertise and knowledge of a particular subject. Western Building Consultants have provided expert witness services in relation to a number of construction disputes.

What does an Expert Witness do?

It will usually involve your expert witness carrying out the detailed analysis of any construction information such as plans, a site survey and exploration of any defects including the interview of each party if relevant, this will also include the review of any relevant information submitted by the parties involved.  An initial report can then be compiled that is inline with Practice Direction 35 set out in the Civil Procedure Rules. This can be expanded upon a further detailed should it be required to be used as evidence in court.

Our reports are compliant with the latest RICS Practice Statement for Surveyors Acting As Expert Witnesses, if you would like to instruct us please contact us directly or through your appointed legal representative (solicitor).

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