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Planning Permission in Swindon

The multi-disciplinary answer to achieving planning permission in Swindon, Wiltshire, Bristol, Frome and surrounding areas.

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We get planning permission in Swindon and surrounding areas for hundreds of projects each year. Why not yours?


Planning Permission, as easy as it gets!

Western Building consultants are a chartered architectural technology (CIAT) and surveying practice (RICS) with our head office in the historic city of Swindon. As a multi-disciplinary practice, we also employ RIBA architects in our Swindon office and occasionally work with outsourced members of the RTPI.

Often the planning process has to be balanced on your needs as the client, planning policy, local idiosyncrasies and the personalities involved. We have become expert over the last 15 years at balancing each area and often achieving planning permission on difficult sites where others have failed.

We offer exceptional value for achieving planning permission as part of an overall design, surveying and engineering package. If you are looking to achieve planning permission on your domestic extension project you’ll be pleased to know that 98% of our applications are approved for planning permission in the Swindon & Bristol area. We have great local knowledge and have good experience in dealing with the local authorities around our offices.

We also have a track record of also advising and achieving planning permission for developers in Swindon wishing to create multiple units. Western Can handle projects up to 100 Units and have experience of master planning small, medium and large scale projects.


Permitted Development Rights?

Often residential extensions do not require full planning permission, permissions are granted in the form of General Development Planning Orders (GDPOs) and, in effect, they give implied planning consent to carry out certain classes of development.

In order to carry out work under Permitted Development the work must strictly conform to strict rules which can often be confusing, Western not only can help you understand what rights you have but carryout lawful development applications to ensure that your project legally complies.

We have extensive experience in achieving planning permission in Swindon for all sorts of projects, please take the time to review the sorts of projects we get involved with below.

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