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Professional Consultants Certificates in Newport

6 Year Professional Consultants Certificates in Newport, Bristol, Frome, Newport, Cardiff & Swindon

Alternative to Building Warranty CML Professional Consultants Certificates (PCC) in Newport

If you are building a new dwelling, doing a barn conversion or converting a historic property into flats it is likely you will need to take out a Professional Consultants Certificate or a latent defects warranty, Western Building Consultants carry out PCC's in Newport, Bristol, Swindon, Newport, Cardiff, Swindon and beyond.

What is a professional consultants certificate?

Previously known as an architects certificate the PCC is a certificate issued by a construction professional to demonstrate to lenders against properties that the building has been constructed in a suitable way.

What the council of mortgage lenders say:

The CML Professional Consultant Certificate (PCC) is for use by Professional Consultants when designing and or monitoring the construction or conversion of residential buildings. We introduced the PCC in England, Wales and Scotland in 2000, in the Isle of Man in 2001 and Northern Ireland in 2004. The purpose of the PCC is confirm to the lender (or its conveyancer) that a professional consultant:

-has visited the property to check its progress of construction

-its conformity with drawings approved under building regulations and its conformity with drawings/instructions issued under the building contract;

-will remain liable to the first purchasers and their lender and subsequent purchasers and lenders for the period of 6 years from the date of the certificate;

-has appropriate experience in the design and/or monitoring of the construction and conversion of residential buildings;

-will keep a certain level of professional indemnity insurance in force to cover his liabilities under the certificate.


As Chartered Building Surveyors regulated by the RICS  and Chartered Building Engineers training affiliate with CABE we aim to provide Professional Consultants Certificates that are suitable to enable people to lend money against housing developments. Our certification is accepted by the council of mortgage lenders and in many cases negates the need for an expensive latent defects warranty provided by NHBC, premier guarantee, BLP insurance or similar. We provide this service throughout the Newport, Bristol, Frome, Newport, Cardiff & Swindon predominantly, however we will travel further afield if required.


The steps we recommend you take before we undertake a PCC for yourself are listed below

-Ensure you have full building regulations compliance plans drawn up with a suitable specification and sufficient technical information.

-Ensure you have checked with your mortgage lender that they accept a CML PCC.

-Have Building Regulations plans approval in place.

-Ensure you have received a contract from ourselves and it has been signed and returned.


If you would like to discuss us providing a PCC in the South West area and to obtain a quotation please telephone.

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