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Purchasing your home is probably the biggest outlay you are ever going to make, therefore it is vitally important that you are fully aware of the property’s overall condition. A comprehensive survey of the property can help uncover any work that may need to be carried out to the property before you buy it. There are various types of survey that can be carried out, the survey you will require depends on the type of information that is needed and the age of the property. As a buyer there are three main types of survey to choose from:

Valuations In Bristol
A valuation tells the lender how much the property is worth and will usually be carried out by your mortgage company if you need a mortgage to buy the property. We do however offer rebuild valuations for insurance purposes.

Home Buyer Surveys in Bristol
A home buyer survey reports on defects in the property, its condition and actionable repairs.  These types of report are compliant to the RICS format and have been designed to cover all aspects of the property but is more of an abbreviated version of the full buildings survey. This type of survey report is generally suitable for more modern type property built after 1950’s.

Full Building Survey in Bristol
This type of survey provides a more detailed report than the home buyer survey. It is recommended for older properties and those in need of work, or simply for peace of mind. Our Full Building survey gives the best and most comprehensive feedback and advice. Also known as a Structural Survey, the surveyor will look at the complete property and give a detailed opinion regarding the state of every single aspect of the building. This is our most commonly commissioned report and our specialist area of expertise. It is particularly suitable for older properties or properties which have had major alterations over the years or properties which appear to have problems that need further investigation. The survey includes an inspection of the whole of the property both inside and out including entering the roof void where applicable.

As a RICS regulated building surveyor Western Building Consultants can provide all types of building survey. We can also provide advice on how to alter or extend your property including carrying out project management of the works.


Unique Market Approach

How does our service differ from our competitors? We are not in the business of volume surveys compared to other regional practices, we provide bespoke quality surveys in Bristol & surrounding areas that are tailored to your needs as the client. This can include looking at specific items or options for refurbishment and extension or particular areas of worry. Our reports are usually turned around in 5 working days. Due to our unique multi-disciplinary approach, we provide an unrivalled after service, including where appropriate the drawing up of a schedule of repair works and project administration.  We will call you after the survey to discuss any major issues identified, our reports also contain an approximation of the costs involved to bring the property up to a modern standard. If we think the property will not meet your brief we may even discuss with you not continuing with the report to save costs.


Listed Building Surveys in Bristol

Bristol contains a large density of Listed Buildings, knowledge of their construction is very important and many surveyors outside of the area lack the expertise to deal with the issues facing the historic stock. Our surveyors are fully equipped and skilled to carry out surveys on historic or sensitive Listed buildings in Bristol and carry out defect analysis across a whole range of properties across the city.

If you need advice about your property purchase, Western building Consultants can help. We provide home buyer reports and building surveys to help you make an informed decision on whether you should proceed with the purchase of your property. Buying a house is an important and expensive investment getting the correct survey will help you decide if the purchase price is reasonable, and also inform you if the property has any significant defects or serious risks affecting the property.

Please get in contact today on 01225 789307 to book in a survey, we can tailor our quotation to your individual needs.

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