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Will engineering be in demand in the future?

30th November 2021

A question a lot of people ask when it comes to architecture and engineering products, will there still be a demand for the profession in the future? At Western Building Consultants we are an ever growing team of architects, engineers and construction professionals that understand all the relevant processes of a build to help guide, support and recommend the right people for the job.


Will civil engineering jobs be in demand?

As urban development reaches its limit, civil engineers will become even more important as architecture of all kinds will need support to maintain and aid existing structures.

Additionally, another important element to civil engineering in the future will be the development of smart cities as both private and public sectors begin to embed technology into existing infrastructure. This means engineers will adapt and obtain more skills that aid in adjusting and creating incredible properties that function in new smart and adaptive ways.

WBC staff working from home in response to government guidelines on COVID-19

What about environmental engineering jobs?

As the demand for more sustainable and ‘green’ building practices increases, the rise in engineering jobs that focus on the surrounding environment and sustainability will become even more important.

Similarly to environmental engineering, renewable energy engineering jobs will continue to grow. As solar panels become cheaper and more innovative ways to stay efficient, a rise in these jobs is inevitable. Adapting and creating more homes and commercial buildings that are more efficient for the environment will require the best people the help advise and critique all building practices to ensure its done correctly.

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